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Define necessary member variables we will use later in our class m_Progress Dialog is a small pop up displaying information that your data is being downloaded or retrieved other way.

m_orders is an Array List which will hold our data downloaded from the internet or acquired other way m_adapter is our custom class extending Array Adapter view Orders is a runnable for downloading data from the internet in a separate thread To import whatever you can at this point click Ctrl Shift O, some classes like Order or Order Adapter are not created yet but don’t worry we will come to that point soon.

Overall, the difference shouldn't be all that stark.

Menus may be reorganized, but don't expect a radically different interface.

p=243949#p243949 0.4.14 was released on May 15, 2016.

So you decided to give it a try and make some Android screenshots. Now everything is ready for Android Screen Capture.

The return Res runnable adds newly retrieved Order object to our custom Adapter and notifies it of the data change: After initialization, we start new thread using the view Orders runnable and show the progress dialog which we close once the orders are retrieved.

Parsing XML downloaded from the net will be covered in the next tutorial coming up soon.

To install application please visit installation instructions.

As soon as you get Ashot up and running on your desktop or laptop, it automatically connects with Android device and starts showing exactly what you see on your mobile screen.

The method run On UIThread is a utility method for running tasks back on the main UI thread after the job is done on the separate thread created for long running tasks.

We will call our get Orders method from a separate thread.

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