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This custom has largely disappeared but the tradition of visiting from house to house on St.Stephen’s has survived and is a large part of the Irish Christmas celebration today.Due to large-scale emigration from Ireland, Irish culture has a global reach and festivals such as Saint Patrick's Day, Halloween, are celebrated all over the world.Irish culture has to some degree been inherited and modified by the Irish diaspora, which in turn has influenced the home country.Giraldus Cambrensis portrayed a Gaelic society in which cattle farming and transhumance was the norm.The Normans replaced traditional clan land management (Brehon Law) with the manorial system of land tenure and social organisation.The candle also indicated a safe place for Catholic priests to perform mass during the penal times when Catholic masses were not allowed.

In olden days an actual wren bird was killed and placed on the pole.

The Anglo-Normans invaded Ireland in the 12th century, while the 16th/17th century conquest and colonization of Ireland saw the emergence of the Anglo-Irish and Scots-Irish (or Ulster Scots).

Today, there are notable cultural differences between those of Catholic and Protestant (especially Ulster Protestant) background, and between travellers and the settled population.

In Ireland celebrating the celebrated on December 26th, also know as the Day of the Wren is a national holiday in Ireland.

During Penal times there was a plot in a village against the local soldiers.

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