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People stare and point, voices on the street shout out “helloooo” twenty times a day, or – in rural areas – people even run up and jostle for a better look, exclaiming loudly to each other, (“foreigner”).

This is not usually intended to be aggressive or insulting, though the cumulative effects of such treatment can prove to be annoying, perhaps even alienating.

All leisure activities including visits to natural beauty spots or holy relics are enjoyed in large noisy groups, and the desire of some Western tourists to be “left alone” can be interpreted by locals as eccentric or arrogant.

Exotic foreigners inevitably become targets for blatant curiosity.

Common underlying causes of cutaneous horns are common warts, skin cancer and actinic keratoses, patches of scaly skin that develop on skin exposed to the sun, such as your face, scalp or forearms.

Cutaneous horns can be removed surgically but this does not treat the underlying cause.

To say Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, is a culinary sensation is a bit of an understatement. Her show (fittingly titled The Pioneer Woman) is on frequent rotation on The Food Network.

She always dreamed of moving away from the country and of living a big city life in Chicago, but life had other plans for her.

Outside the company of urban sophisticates, it would not occur to people that there was anything disrespectful in delivering a powerful spit while in conversation with a stranger.

Smoking, likewise, is almost universal among men, and any attempt to stop others from lighting up is met with incomprehension.

Visitors who speak Chinese will encounter an endless series of delighted and amazed interlocutors wherever they go, invariably asking about their country of origin, their job and the reason they are in China.

If you’re invited to someone’s home, take along a gift – a bottle of spirits, some tea or an ornamental trinket are good choices (anything too utilitarian could be considered patronizing) – though your hosts won’t impolitely open this in front of you.

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